Tuesday, June 28, 2016

One thing that has taken a serious toll because of Pune is my City. Though I should have been more regular in posting Last Saturday I  was traveling to Mumbai from Pune and i wrote a post on my way. See I told you my blog took a serious toll; it took days for me to post this.
I was traveling from Pune to Mumbai for some work. The weather is amazing, as soon as he drove out of Pune the scenic beauty makes you forget all the tensions of life. The closer I am getting to Lonavala the darker the sky is getting. I can see clouds dancing on the top of hills alongside the express highway. I want to be in those clouds and feel them on my face. As I am writing this down it has started to drizzle and wind is blowing which is making the rain dance. The falling rain, the flowing wind and the green covered hills in the backdrop, Wow it’s so beautiful.I have just reached Lonavala and my bus is already traveling through the clouds. I just noticed that someone has painted the walls on the side of the road in shades of blue, some random images, some waves, some plain figures, but it’s looking good in this rain. I looked on the right and I could see the whole khopoli (I think that is khopoli can be some place else as well) getting wet in rain, it’s looking really amazing. Just after passing Lonavala there is a campus of Sinhagadh Institutes, they are placed at such a beautiful location; they have buildings spread on a long spread out hill. I always envy these students; they get to live at such a beautiful place.I am approaching Panvel, this place has come up amazingly well in last some years. When I first traveled from Mumbai from Pune i was amazed to while looking at development of Mumbai and the infrastructure.I am at Airoli and my next stop will be Dadar.. I am sure all the Commuters travelling from Pune to Mumbai must be excited to see the beauty on the Express way on both the sides. Pune Mumbai route is one of the busiest route in India thus, we could say its the heartbeat between Pune and Mumbai.
Travelling to Mumbai from Pune has lot many options like Shared rides, Buses, trains and also the flights.
We will be coming out with other blog soon so stay tuned. 

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